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Healy & Foreit goes above and beyond to ensure your closing is a smooth process.

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Luke Healy
Healy & Foreit goes above and beyond to ensure your closing is a smooth process. Whether you are a purchaser or seller, each client receives our five-star customer service. Our dedicated and informed staff work on a personal basis with you, your real estate agent and your lender to ensure a flawless closing experience. Prospective clients – we look forward to working with you. Past and current customers – we look forward to continuing to serve your needs. 

Our firm handles the following transactions:
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Dealing with issues confronting you and your loved ones before, during, or after a serious illness or death can be an overwhelming experience. The attorneys at Healy & Foreit, LLC are not only well versed in elder law but have practical knowledge and experience with the multitude of options available for an effective estate plan. Through our understanding and compassion for those involved, we seek to provide peace and resolution for the family. Whether you have minor children, no children, a large family, step-children, or own real estate, you should consult with an attorney to go over reasons why taking steps to plan for your future is important.

Our probate and estate planning services can be divided into the following areas:

Estate Plan


Starting a business can be complex and confusing.  You have a business model in place that you believe will be successful and serve the community, but you must navigate the intricacies of state and city bureaucracies such as licenses, permits, registrations, and more. Even when you establish your business, there will be deals that require support from a legal professional to ensure that it complies with the law. If you are working to start your own business, or need legal assistance with certain business transactions such as drawing up contracts, branding, and more, contact the legal professionals at Healy & Foreit, LLC today.

Our business law services include:


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